Message From The Author /:

Dear readers, I must inform you of a tragic incident that occurred. I haven’t been able to write since it happened, which has put me in a funk :(.  It can be explained in three words: My, computer, broke. -__- One day it was working all fine and dandy, then the next day it was gone. Until I save up enough for a new computer I won’t be able to post any gaming news. It took me a while to tell you guys… I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I hope every one of you AllYouCanGamers have a little patience with me until I return. I don’t want to lose you… This feels like a break up, but it’s just a break. I’LL BE BACK (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*) ! >:)  I love you guys no matter what 🙂 <33333333 :'(((


2 thoughts on “Message From The Author /:

  1. I’d be lying if I didnt say the picture didnt bring me here. But it’s sad news re: your computer. Any idea as to when you will have a functioning computer?

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