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Dear readers, I must inform you of a tragic incident that occurred. I haven’t been able to write since it happened, which has put me in a funk :(.  It can be explained in three words: My, computer, broke. -__- One day it was working all fine and dandy, then the next day it was gone. Until I save up enough for a new computer I won’t be able to post any gaming news. It took me a while to tell you guys… I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I hope every one of you AllYouCanGamers have a little patience with me until I return. I don’t want to lose you… This feels like a break up, but it’s just a break. I’LL BE BACK (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*) ! >:)  I love you guys no matter what 🙂 <33333333 :'(((



Review: Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin's Creed III Review

Hello minions, if you’re looking for a review of Assassin’s Creed 3 then you’re in the right place.  If you’re not then, why the hell are you here? 😛 I was initially going to separate my review into a pros and cons list, but since I can’t think of many things that are good about the game I decided not to. So instead, this will be a rant on how everything that was supposed to awesome about AC3 , wasn’t. I will provide my reasoning so don’t start attacking me! I’m an AC fan myself after all. I was just as excited as any other fan for it’s release, but in all honesty it was an overall disappointment. The following is MY opinion on Assassin’s Creed 3, feel free to disagree. ❤

I cannot tell you how excited I was about Assassin’s Creed 3! I had heard so many great things about it! I was so sure it would be great, I recommended it to so many people, all for a poor excuse for an AC game. This game was actually annoying to play! From the main story, to the side missions, to the hunting in the forest, most things didn’t deliver. I will tell you exactly why.

CAMPAIGN GAMEPLAY: The idea they had for the story line of AC3 seemed great. Revolutionary America, war with over 1,000 non-player characters on screen, half English half Native American Connor, get trained by sensei Achilles, take part in real historical events of the time, interact with historical figures, go hunting in the forest, have epic sea battles, assassinate muh-fuhkas, play as present day Desmond, try to save everyone from Doomsday, IT WAS ALL THERE!

Did it turn out the way they made it seem? NO! (Complaints in no particular order.)

A. First of all, the game is called ASSASSIN’S Creed 3, shouldn’t there be amazing missions during the campaign where I have to actually assassinate important targets? I was so upset when Connor assassinated Charles Lee during a cutscene after all I got to do was chase him. -__- In previous games like AC2 and Brotherhood there were intense missions where you had to stealthily find a key antagonist and assassinate him. In AC3 I feel like the only people I got into fights with were the guards in towns, and that’s just from ME picking fights with them. They are pretty much the only people you fight in the game, when you’re doing Liberation Missions and taking over a fort. I wanted an actual CHALLENGE, I basically easily whooped everyone’s ass throughout the game in the middle of the streets. What an assassin. I didn’t feel like a damn assassin, that’s for sure! Just know the basic combat mechanics for when you encounter a rare moment with action and the campaign is a breeze.

B. Can anyone tell me what’s up with the so called “fast traveling“? That shit is nowhere near FAST. The point of it should be to bring you straight to where your main mission starts, but instead if you’re in the frontier you have to press select to get the map up, select the exclamation point symbol that indicates the main mission, and press x to confirm that you want to fast travel to that location, then you have to wait for it to load. You pop up on the edge of the frontier where players need to run in the direction of the main mission again, it’ll ask you if you want to go to the next location and then you’ll need to wait for it to load again. Finally you might pop at the border of the next place and if you’re lucky, that’s where you’re mission is because sometimes it could still be a location over and you’ll have to rinse and repeat the scenario explained above. -__- Even when you are in the town or area that you need to be in to get to the mission you don’t get to open up the map and fast travel to it again, you have to run across town for another few tedious minutes. It’s just a lot of running for little player reward. You could end up just watching a cutscene of a boring conversation about what’s going on, hell of a mission. Oh, and after that you’ll be sent on a mission back to where you were originally to eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation. Ooo, ahhh…

C. A big part of the campaign I was looking forward to were the missions where I would take part in historical battles and events. I imagined myself, on the battlefield with my fellow soldiers, charging at the enemy. I would go in low, slinking past allies to get towards the middle of the group, sending arrows towards my enemies to distract them while we closed in around them. I would sprint into battle, sawtooth sword in hand and well.. you can see where this is going. This ladies and gentlemen isn’t what happened though, instead I had groups of NPC soldiers taking turns waiting in line for me to shoot cannon balls at them. Seriously I was the only one doing anything, if it’s called “doing anything”, I stood there with groups of my men around me re-loading the canon while I shot at the enemy, whom honestly didn’t seem like much of enemies. Were they even mad? They were barely moving, who gave them their pre-game pep talk? It was the complete opposite of intense. Just saying.

I must say, there was one event that I did enjoy playing, which was The Boston Tea Party. It was fun running around dumping crates of tea off of the ship and then booting foes into the ocean as well. I felt kind of badass, as badass as tea can make you feel. :} I just don’t think I should be able to count the good things about AC3 on one hand. :/

D. A twist in the story that I really liked was how we got to play as Connor’s dad, Haytham, and find out that he was really a Templar. I was pleased with how it was decided that Connor would have to kill him. :} During missions where Connor spent time with his dad you could see them sort of bonding and a vibe of fatherly love sometimes showed from Haytham. In the end, they were still enemies and players get to fight as Connor against his dad. The let-down is, you fight and it’s not really that difficult. I would think daddy Haytham had more in him than that, being all legendary and whatnot. The game instructs you to counter Haytham near objects to throw him into them. Simple. Do that a few times and he’s done, a cutscene ensues in which Connor stabs his father with the hidden blade. That looked fun Connor, glad you had a good time! Way to include me, the player who paid sixty dollars for an epic assassin game where I don’t even get to assassinate the people! Like I already said, you run a lot and watch a lot of cutscenes and have weak ass fights. Boomshakalaka.

E. When in comes to interacting with historical figures, I wasn’t impressed much either. I got to chat with Washington a few times and I had a feud with Charles Lee, but it wasn’t interesting or fun to play for me… I miss the days where Leonardo Da Vinci was like my bestie and he made the coolest gadgets, like a flying machine, for me. I was able to fly it during a mission that was fun and challenging because you had to go over fire pits set up around the city on the ground so you could stay in the air. What a rush. 🙂

F. Before the game came out I heard talk of Conner being trained as a young man by a former assassin of the Brotherhood. In the game you find out his name is Achilles. He’s a cool guy but at first he didn’t want anything to do with Connor. Eventually he agrees to train him though. I thought I was going to actually learn new moves and game mechanics through “training” but no, all you get is a screen that says “Six months later…” and that’s it, you’re trained. Bummer.

G. The naval missions in the game were ok at first. You get to sail at half-mast, full-mast, stop completely, shoot some type of gun attached to the boat, shoot cannons, and take cover from the other ship shooting at you. Certain missions even allow you to ram into the smaller boats to destroy them. It’s fun at first but after about five naval missions it gets boring. You can upgrade your ship and get different kinds of cannon balls so that was pretty neat but not good enough to make up for the entire game.

H. On Desmond’s side of the story you’re able to follow the ghost/hologram of Juno around the Grand Temple. It was sort of fun, like a puzzle of sorts trying to find the spot where I need to place the artifact. Juno would pop up at certain points, explaining what was going on with the world at large and why. This story was one of the few interesting parts of the game. Come to find out, Juno is actually the villain. Minerva exposed her and explained how she interbred with humans to survive the solar flare by sheer numbers. Desmond is faced with the decision of either letting the sun flare destroy the earth, so that he can then rebuild it with survivors, or release Juno by sacrificing himself and save the world instantly. Even though there’s a risk of Juno enslaving humanity, Desmond decides to die to save the world, probably with the hopes that the remaining assassin’s will ensure everyone’s safety from Juno. This leaves a great story for Ubisoft to start with in the next game, but why don’t they just make a movie instead? I’ll be open to giving another AC game a try, only because I thought AC2 and Brotherhood were amazing. I hope they try to make more interesting missions next time. If they fail again, I’m done.

I. The game campaign ends with an extremely long list of credits. Which only angers me even more! The story mode was shorter than I expected and not even that good and you had ALL of those people working on the game? For 3 years? Whatever, after the credits end there’s an epilogue to finish off Connor’s side of the story. It ends with a short cutscene of Connor having a talk with one of his people about how the government took over their land. Yup, that’s it.

J. There’s one last thing I wanted to touch on about the campaign of AC3 and it’s the Optional Objectives. I think the idea of performing missions the way Desmond’s ancestors  did to get full synchronization is cool. I just thought a lot of the optional objectives were pointless. Like having to shoot 3 barrels in the middle of a chase on horseback just to get full synchronization. If I accidentally didn’t notice one do you think I want to re-do that crappy mission just to fully synch? No. I would like to get 100% completion but not when it isn’t even fun doing it. Make clear what you want to be done and make it complement the game, don’t add annoying optional objectives to an already annoying mission. I’m not  bashing the OO’s because I couldn’t do them, I did them when I felt like it but I just didn’t think they were good.


For side missions there are Liberation missions, citizen missions, courier missions, and Frontiersman missions. In a nutshell, Liberation missions are just fighting guards around town. Citizen missions sometimes involve killing someone but it’s not that interesting, and courier missions are just Connor running all over the place to collect mail from people and then deliver it to whoever the recipient is. He’s basically a carrier pigeon in human form. The Frontiersman missions literally consist of Connor traveling to East Bum F*ck just to hear old folk tales about sea monsters and Bigfoot. In one instance, a group of people tell me about a UFO sighting that recently happened. I go on to disprove it by traveling to the location where it was apparently seen to investigate. What I find is an umbrella in a tree. -__- Obviously the frontiersman are bored Connor, this is the only way they keep their group alive, don’t ruin their fun.


Okay, so in AC3 there are a few different “clubs” that you can “join”. A few examples are the Hunting Club, the Boston Brawlers, and the Thieves Club. It was said that if during the game you hunt in the forest a lot, or fight a lot, or even pickpocket people enough, you’ll be approached by someone who invites you to join a club. Well, I hunted during the game, and hunted, and hunted, and I was never “approached” by anyone. So, I went online and searched on google, “Where is the hunting club?”. Sure enough, there were tons of other people asking the same damn question. Apparently I wasn’t the only retard who couldn’t find it, but wait I’m NOT a retard because there really ISN’T a freaking hunting club. While I had been hunting animals in the frontier, things would pop up on the side of the screen telling me what I had acquired from each kill. For example, if I killed an elk I would get elk antlers and it would say “1/3 elk antlers acquired”. This my friends, is the Hunting Club. You don’t go around with a group of people hunting, the game just has a list of things you can get from animals and they check it off for you as you go along. Come to find out, I did 100% of the Hunting Club things, and I didn’t even know it. (Go to the DNA tracker at the start menu and you can see all of your stats.) I was also a member of every other club without ever having a clue. So my peeps, I can truthfully tell you that there are no clubs that you go out and do fun stuff with. They just call them “clubs”.

Oh, and by the way I think they did a really crappy job with the pick-pocketing in this game. I wouldn’t join the Thieves Club even if there really was one. Pick-pocketing in previous installments of the AC series was done by simply walking by a citizen and pressing x. Ezio would pilfer the persons money with a quick pat on their pockets. You know, all quick and unnoticeable like a real thief would do it. In AC3 however, you have to walk next to, behind, or even right in front of someone while holding x until the symbol above their head fills up. It takes forever and is quite obvious. I know it’s just a game but not only was it more quick before, it was more believable.


Also not as good as I expected was the hunting. With the bow and arrow it was extremely easy because once you’re locked on to your target animal it automatically aims for you. This pretty much guarantees the kill unless the target runs behind an object, breaking the line of sight. I did like that there were different kinds of animals in various regions of the map. The way the animals could detect Connor when we tried to sneak up behind them was also a nice touch. You could also use traps and bait to catch and attract animals. With the bigger or more dangerous wildlife creatures like bears, wolves, and elk, you have to press the button sequence that shows up on screen in time. It’s cool the first time but after you see that it’s always circle followed by x, square, or triangle it gets old. You can’t just have your own kind of battle with them, it’s always pretty much the same. Which I think is whack. /:

Which brings me to this. Now I will tell you one of the most disappointing things about the game in one word, trees. I bought the game thinking, hell yeah I’m going to assassinate all types of shit from trees! I don’t know if it’s too much to expect that we would be able to climb most of the trees in the game but I guess it is because you can’t. I mean I thought the forest would be all trees you could climb. Nope. A lot of trees in the game are actual not climbable, if that’s a word. You will be able to air assassinate some animals and targets from trees but only if you both are around trees you can actually climb (or if you bait an animal towards a spot). The trees you can climb are fun to maneuver though, just wish I could do that across the whole forest! Or at least most of it. 😦


Collectable items, along with side missions and naval missions, take up about half of the game. You guys already know how I feel about the last two set let me explain the first. Collectable items like almanacs, treasure, trinkets, and that kind of hooplah, are strewn all over the entire AC3 map. At first it might only show a few icons, but once some are collected another set pops up. The almanacs are kind of a chase but if you know where they are on a roof you can pop up right next to them and grab them right away. The way you get to pick the locks of treasure chests with the analog sticks and R1 button is cool but not after a couple of times. They give you a lot of money though, which is why I thought they were great at first. Until you realize when you go to the general market that there isn’t really anything you want.-__- The Peg Leg Trinkets and almanacs only get you “recipes” to make things that really have no use in your game life. Like a glass harmonica. I mean if you would enjoy having to run all over the map countless times to keep doing the same thing over and over and get nothing for it then hey, maybe this game is for you but not for me.


The graphics in AC3 are overall really good. The people walking around are much more lively, but I wouldn’t say they interact with Connor much. With the exception of the little beggar boys that never leave him alone. I enjoyed being able to virtually pet the animals roaming the streets. I also saw improvements in the “view” of the game, meaning the third person feel. It was third person but I still felt rooted and kind of small in a big world, which was nice. The facial expressions in the cutscenes were more realistic, but not perfect of course. The fluidity in Connor’s movements when fighting was good and they made him look epic and badass but like I said, all you really do is pick fights with guards. Also, the windows and doors in the buildings you’re supposed to be able to go through are rare to find. I think there should have been more of them. Viewpoints are another part of the past games that I used to really like because they always looked so detailed and beautiful. In AC3 I don’t really like the view from the viewpoints, am I the only one who sees something wrong with that? The background always looks so foggy and obscure, but that’s one of the only things I didn’t like graphically.


The ONE thing I actually thought was really great about AC3 was the multi-player. It had all the greatness from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, only more refined and with extra awesomeness. I say extra awesomeness because it was much more customizable. Players can change various things about the look of their online characters, from weapons, to clothing, to face paint. You can also still choose from different ability sets and game modes. The cool thing with the ability sets is now you can “craft” them in a couple different ways to make them better. An example of this being, you can craft your ability to become invisible to last longer. It might initially last about 4 seconds, but with crafting you can bring it up to 8. Of course, AC3 still has all the different modes you know and love, with Manhunt still being my favorite. ❤ I personally love the multi-player because I get a rush trying to figure out who my target is, deciding how I want to kill him, and from stunning multiple opponents when I’m hiding. It’s a cat and mouse game that I rather enjoy.

An extra about the online that I enjoyed were the videos you can unlock through leveling up.   They were creepy ads for citizens by Abstergo and they gave off the vibe of trying to brainwash people. One video then reveals how it’s indeed all corrupt. I guess I just liked how they added a little extra to the multi-player with that.


On behalf of AllYouCanGame, I give Assassin’s Creed 3 a 6.5 out of 10 ! The multi-player and graphics of the game were pretty good so that earned it some points. I also REALLY loved the concept of that game, I just don’t feel it was executed well from a players point of view. It’s the fourth in the AC series and it should be getting more epic and interesting, but instead it fell flat. The missions weren’t fun. Put it this way, I’m playing Devil May Cry 1 right now and it’s more intriguing than AC3.

That’s my review, thanks for reading AllYouCanGamers! Say anything you want in the comments, and feel free to leave suggestions for things you want me to write about! A Black Ops 2 review will be coming up soon! Love yous ❤ 🙂

DmC: Devil May Cry

WAZZUP ALLYOUCANGAMERS? Long time no write! Lately I’ve been busy… gaming my ass off! No but seriously, I’ve been slacking on my blog and I apologize for that. Which is why I’m going to start posting at least once a week from now on. Maybe more if I feel like it, and if that’s what my readers want! You know, I wasn’t sure if I would get any followers when I started this blog, heck I would have been happy with just one! I only wanted to unite with a bunch of fellow kick ass gamers who wanted to talk games, and so I did. As long as I keep getting daily views and more readers, I’ll keep writing. This is for all of you. :}

P.S. I still need to write reviews for AC3 and BO2, and I will. I haven’t done so yet because I’m still not fully finished with either game. I like to take my time and enjoy them, not play them as fast as possible just so I can say I did it first. So, expect reviews next week. As a teaser all I will say is, I’m a tough critic.

ANYWAY, this week is all about DmC: Devil May Cry!! Firstly, let me tell you that I haven’t played any of the previous installments. I had a friend who was obsessed though, and because of that I had the pleasure of watching countless cutscene videos from the games on YouTube. I was immediately captivated by the story, characters, art, fighting style and explosive environment. I vowed to buy the next game that came out in the series, and I won’t go back on it. I already played the demo, which is free to download on PSN, give it a try if you’re iffy about whether you want the game or not.

F.Y.I- Devil May Cry is a series usually made by Capcom, but with the new DmC they actually handed over thedevelopment reigns to Ninja Theory. This was a controversial move. The Devil May Cry series has been out since PS2 and has a HUGE fan base. So I can understand why fanboys, and girls, would go psycho with rage after seeing the trailer and demo for the newest version of the game with all its changes. Fans never like to see their favorite games and characters messed with, but by the same token they need to understand that change is inevitable and sometimes good. Be a little open-minded people, give it a chance!

So, here goes nothing…

  • PLOT: DmC: Devil May Cry takes place in Limbo City, where nothing is what it seems. Its inhabitants consist of humans and demons, except the humans have no idea they’re being controlled by demons. The devil spawn have the mortals brainwashed by the mass media they send out, like advertising drinks that supposedly make you healthy when in reality they’ll only end up killing you. Surveillance cameras are littered throughout the streets sending videos of what’s going on 24/7 back to those in control. They ensure that no one is catching on to them or acting in any way they deem inappropriate. Hmm… sounds a lot like the real world doesn’t it?

Then there’s “The Order”, a mysterious group of masked individuals working against the demons in control, trying to spread the truth about what’s really going on and put a stop to it. However to the people of Limbo City, they are a group of “terrorists”, as they’ve been labeled from the local news and press. Leader of The Order is Dante’s twin brother Vergil, who calls upon him through a girl named Kat. She brings Dante to Vergil, where he asks him to join the effort against the demons in Limbo City. Although Dante hasn’t seen his brother in ages and doesn’t remember much about him, he takes his offer once he hears about the death of his mother at the hand of demons. Whether or not Vergil can really be trusted is up for debate, but when it comes to a demon named Mundus there’s no question about it, he’s an antagonist. He will pretty much be stalking Dante throughout the game trying to kill him.



Limbo City- So, there’s the place called Limbo City and then there’s something known as just plain Limbo. The difference is, Limbo is a demon realm. It’s sort of a part of Limbo City except that it’s not visible to humans. You see, Limbo City is pretty much alive. Any aspect of the landscape can be transformed into something evil, with demons emerging from oceans, buildings, structures, anything! If you’re a demon or angel like Dante and you can see the hell spawn then you’re in Limbo. Meanwhile, the humans have no idea about what’s actually going on around them, all they see is a normal city. The mortals of Limbo City are controlled by the demons in Limbo. Although Limbo City is not actually a person it’s probably Dante’s most deadly antagonist, seeing as it’s always transforming itself to counteract him.


Dante- The main character and hero of DmC. Dante is half demon/half angel now, instead of half demon/half human like in the previous games. His half angel side, passed down through his mother, gives Dante a special new flare. Allowing for the usage of both demonic and angelic weapons and abilities. His evil side is just as powerful, instilled in him through the blood of his legendary father Sparda. Dante’s mixed heritage would lead most to think that he loves both the angelic and hellacious beings on earth, but growing up in orphanages and youth correction facilities run by demons who acted out with violence and torture has set his mind against all evil. Not to mention they are the ones who took his mother’s life. His deep hatred towards demons and authority in general gets him into a lot of trouble while living in Limbo City, even though Dante usually likes to remain incognito. The demon hunter is known by the people in his town as a “terrorist” for being a part of The Order with his brother Vergil. Oh, and Dante’s a brunette now. Get over it guys. 😉

Vergil- “Citizens, face your demons.” Vergil is leader of The Order and Dante’s twin brother. For now it seems like he’s a good guy but you can never be sure. He speaks on television to the people of Limbo City with his own kind of PSA’s, wearing a mask of course to hide his true identity. Vergil warns the people of Limbo City about they’re “government” and how corrupt it is.The news refers to him and all members of The Order as “terrorists” and I can see how the public might believe that. Stupid as they usually are. His signature silver hair remains intact for all you fanboys and gals. 😀

Kat- This kitty joined The Order when she was very young and is Vergil’s right-hand girl. She’s the eyes and ears of the whole organization, often putting her life on the line to gather critical information from Limbo. Kat does this with not only skill, but raw talent. She’s a medium and psychic who can see into the demon realm, although she is unable to physically interact with it. Kat’s outlook on the world gives off a sweet and naive vibe, but when it comes to Limbo and all things demon, she’s clearly an expert. Kitty (my nickname for her) gets the responsibility of guiding Dante through Limbo City.

Mundus- “Me; a God, vs. You; a piece of shit?!” Mundus is a banker, with control over everyone through debt and corporate manipulation (much the same as bankers in the real world today), and that’s only his day job. If that doesn’t make him sound evil enough, he’s also Demon King and grand-high Devil. This guy will be on Dante’s ass throughout DmC.

Lilith- This chick can be seen in the DmC demo. She’s Mundus’ girlfriend and owner of the popular nightclub Devil’s Dalliance.

Bob Barbas- Limbo City news anchor for Raptor News. Barbas is a Christian who feels that he is doing “God’s work” by making Dante and The Order look bad. He’s the one constantly calling them terrorists.

Sparda- An iconic and powerful demon himself, Sparda is the father of Dante and Vergil. Over 9,000 years ago Mundus was his right hand man during his rise to power. Soon after, he fell in love with an angel, something seen as treachery to all demons. His partner gave birth to twin sons, but after being disowned by his own kind Sparda had no choice but to disappear to where none could find him. Although gone in the physical form, it seems Sparda is still able to contact his sons, enlisting their help to save Limbo City.
Eva- The angel mother of Dante and Vergil is Eva. Not much is known about Sparda’s former lover, except that she was killed when Dante was just a boy.
In DmC Dante is equipped with a variety of weapons and powers that you can use to string together all types of combos. The combat is fluid and can be faster or slower depending on how you choose to fight. You get rated on style, and usually the longer the combo, the higher the rating. This results in a ton of extra points, and we gamers love stacking up on extra points. 😉 Another thing I love is that there will even be some platforming in this game, it’s not all hack and slash thanks to the interactive environment of Limbo City.
  •  Dirty
  •  Cruel
  •  Brutal
  •  Anarchic
  •  Savage!
  •  SSadistic!
  •  SSSensational!

Combat Mechanics-

  •  Rainstorm
  •  Over Drive
  •  Stinger
  •  Trillion Stab
  •  Prop
  •  Shredder
  •  Air Hike
  •  Air Dash
  •  Roulette Spin
  •  Parry Stylish 


  • Double Jump
  • Angel Stance
  • Demon Stance
  • Angel/Demon
  • Evade/Teleport
  • Devil Trigger

Devil Mode- This mode allows Dante to pull enemies and objects towards him. It’s also needed to use demonic weapons.

Angel Mode- This mode allows Dante to pull himself towards enemies and certain points around the city. It can also be used to jump across large gaps. Angel Mode is needed to use angelic weapons.

Devil Trigger- Earning enough points from combos will fill up Dante’s gauge meter. When it’s full you can use Devil Trigger, this will replenish Dante’s health, cause everything to slow down, and will unleash his full potential. Things.Will.Get.Crazy. Devil trigger lasts for as long as you can keep your combo going. Dante’s appearance will also change to something fans are more familiar with. 🙂


Lost Souls- These are the souls of humans trapped in Limbo. They aren’t easy to spot and usually seem out of reach. Listening for their wails can help you find them. Freeing lost souls will give you a few red orbs and will increase your mission completion bonus.

Argent Keys- These keys come in copper, silver, gold, and platinum. The color of each key corresponds with the sealed door it can open. Once used the keys are gone but the doors will remain unlocked.

Blue Roses- Finding one of these babies puts Dante in a trance and sends him to a “secret area” outside of Limbo City. Once there, he battles and earns special abilities such as Devil Trigger.

Vital Star- These stars come in small and large sizes, with the large ones fully restoring Dante’s vitality/health.

Health Cross- Players receive one of these after going through a sealed door and completing a secret mission. When four are collected they will increase                           Dante’s maximum vitality.

Devil Trigger Star- These stars replenish Dante’s magic, allowing him to use Devil Trigger. They come in small and large sizes, with the latter fully filling up his magic.

Devil Trigger Cross- By searching different areas you can come across fragments of this cross. Once four are collected Dante’s amount of magic will be increased.

Red Orbs- Once collected these can be used as money for purchasing items. Acquire them through defeating enemies as stylishly as possible, as this will increase the number of orbs received. Destroying certain objects around the city and freeing lost souls will also earn you red orbs.

White Orbs- Earning enough of these will get you upgrades. These come after defeating enemies and at the end of the mission. How many you receive depends on your overall mission score.

Green Orbs- These replenish Dante’s vitality/health when collected. If Dante is already fully healthy then they go towards his red orb count. Green orbs are collected after receiving an extremely high amount of style points for killing demons.

Purple Orbs- Rarely found, these orbs automatically refill Dante’s magic. They can be discovered through destroying random objects around the world, or by defeating certain enemies.

Gold Orbs- Dante is only allowed to hold three of these at a time. If in his possession when he dies, he will be instantly revived on the spot with full health restored.


Rebellion- This is Dante’s trademark sword and main melee weapon. It’s double-edged and leaves a white streak in it’s wake. Rebellion was given to Dante as a momento of his father, Sparda.

Ebony & Ivory: Dante’s personally customized, semi-automatic twin pistols. Filled with demonic power, these twins fire in a flash at foes.

Osiris (Angelic Arsenal)- This large but light-weight Scythe is an angelic weapon. When it is used to attack, it leaves behind a light blue streak, similar to it’s actual color. Osiris doesn’t deal the heaviest blow, but it’s fast and can deliver multiple strikes with only a few button presses.
Arbiter (Demonic Arsenal)- A two-handed axe with a curved blade. The Arbiter is heavy and therefore takes longer to swing, but it delivers deadly damage with a single blow. Great for use against shielded enemies and brutes. A demonic trail of red follows the Arbiter and upon impact with the ground red and orange sparks fly.
Ophion Whip- This hook/chain will either pull enemies towards you, or you towards enemies depending on if you’re in angel or devil mode. It’s also used to destroy cameras around Limbo City.
  • Triangle = Attack
  • Circle = Launcher attack
  • X = Jump
  • Square = Shoot
  • R1 or L1 = Evade
  • Holding R2 = Devil Mode
  • Holding L2 = Angel Mode
  • R1 or R2 + Square = Grappling Attack
  • R3 + L3 = Devil Trigger
  • DPad = Weapon Swapping


  • Easy, Normal, and Hard (Available from the beginning of the game.)
  • Son of Sparda – Enemies get tougher and attack waves are shaken up.
  • Dante Must Die – The strongest enemies and crazy attack waves.
  • Heaven or Hell – Everyone, including Dante, dies after one hit.
  • Hell and Hell – Only Dante dies after one hit.

Vergil’s Downfall is a DLC pack costing $9 that fans should buy if they’re interested in playing as Dante’s twin brother Vergil. It features six new missions in new environments that tell his “untold story”. Fans will recognize Vergil’s fighting style and be able to perform some of his signature moves. The DLC will come with new weapons, locations, enemies, combos, and the Samurai Weapons Pack!


DmC: Devil May Cry is set to release on January 15th, 2013! Don’t miss it, pre-order today. 🙂

Set to release on January 15th, 2013!

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What’s Coming In Co-op?

I personally don’t think there are enough great co-op games on the market today. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are games like COD that allow split screen online and I thank them for that, but it isn’t enough! My boyfriend and I are both gamers that live together and it gets tough taking turns in games like Battlefield 3 that don’t offer any two-player capabilities! We have even contemplated buying another PS3 and television just so we could actually play together at the same time (an idea still open for consideration). Until then, developers need to remember that there may be more than one person per system playing and we would much rather game together than take turns on the sticks! I’m no longer satisfied with just SOME games having online split-screen, or shitty co-op story modes, which is why I have been on the hunt for a new game that offers an amazing two-player campaign!

And I might have found it…


People may recognize this series from it’s previous installment, which admittedly wasn’t very good. The main characters, Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios, were in a goofy bromance that sometimes took away from the seriousness of the plot. Though I can’t say the high-fiving, air-guitar playing duo weren’t funny because that would be a lie. Talking about sex with pandas in the middle of gameplay is hilarious, but just that. It took away from a game that could be something much greater. Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel brings changes that could set the co-op world on fire!

Although there were mixed reviews for the previous installments, the Army franchise does have an established fanbase. “I think we believe the reason is that there’s gold at the core of this concept.” -EA Executive Producer Jeff Gamon


In this installment Salem and Rios won’t be the main characters. Instead they will take on background roles as top executives of the Tactical Worldwide Operations organization (T.W.O) . Why?

“Most notably, Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel takes a more serious approach than past installments which would have put Salem and Rios in an awkward position. It would be strange for the characters to take a 180-degree personality shift, so they’re adopting support roles.” -GameInformer writer Jeff Cork

Control will be left in the capable hands of two operatives only known as Alpha and Bravo. We won’t learn their real names because creators of the game want players to feel like they are the main characters, but I have bios here that you can check out:

Alpha- A veteran of multiple armed conflicts with the U.S. military and special forces. He’s a born leader who thinks of T.W.O as a way to bring precision military tactics to a paramilitary battlefield. Rios is the one who got Alpha to become a mercenary, even though he still sees himself as a soldier.

Bravo- An instinctual guy with a quick reaction time and raw talent. He served one tour with the U.S. army before deciding that life wasn’t for him. After, he worked with private military companies around the world and was eventually scouted by T.W.O after an urban rescue operation in the Balkans. Bravo didn’t dare pass at the chance to work with Elliot Salem.


TDC takes place in Mexico where drug cartels have left tens of thousands dead. The leader of these deadly groups and the main antagonist of the game is Esteban Bautista. His cartel organization, La Guadana, is so large and powerful it has taken on the Mexican military and even controls many of the police, judges, and politicians there. They have done so by gun-running and drug smuggling in large numbers.

Alpha and Bravo come into play when Juan Angelo Cordova, the mayor of La Puerta, hires T.W.O to provide security for a political rally in the area. La Guadana, A.K.A Scythe, has murdered Cordova’s family in retaliation for his anti-cartel stance, so he has reason to fear for his life.

T.W.O no longer works in secrecy and is now openly working with the Mexican special forces, GAFE. They have grown in both size and reputation but are still outnumbered in comparison to La Guadana, which has more money, personnel, and weapons. This leaves Alpha and Bravo in plenty of sticky situations, facing choices that clash with following orders versus their own moral beliefs. No matter how chaotic things get, Visceral promises its story line will keep things together.

“Alpha and Bravo are not going to fix everything for Mexico. It’s in the background and we’re caught up in it, but it’s a more personal story to them and we’re using the backdrop as the situation.” -producer Scott Speirs


In The Devil’s Cartel gameplay gets more interesting as players become more vulnerable when they split up, leaving no one to revive them if they die.

Frostbite 2 Engine- If you’ve played Battlefield 3 you have a good idea of what to expect. This engine makes almost everything in your environment vulnerable to destruction! All gameplay pieces whether they are big, small, essential, or nonessential are affected by gunfire and explosions. Be careful, you might feel safe behind cover until the enemy blows it to shreds!

Cover- In previous installments Salem and Rios would automatically enter cover, but now with Alpha and Bravo players must take an active role by pressing a button to duck into or behind cover. Once in cover you can scan the area for other safety spots marked with an icon. The cover button will bring you to your new destination by automatically sliding or ducking into it, allowing players to avoid exposure. If the cover you’re running to gets destroyed by enemies before you reach it, you can cancel the animation by simply moving in another direction. You can also move up and over smaller cover items in a swift movement by holding down the cover button and the run button at the same time.

Overkill/Double Overkill- The enemies are overwhelming you! Now what? While playing you rack up on points and money, and cooperative actions with your partner add up to Overkill points. Things like going in guns blazing while your partner flanks the cartel unnoticed count towards Overkill. When you have enough saved up and OK is ready, you can choose to use it right then and there or save it for when you’re in trouble. Trigger OK and blast through countless enemies and anything they’re hiding behind with increased weapon force. Double Overkill (which is when both players trigger it at the same time) will result in slow motion action, audio warps, and a sepia toned screen. It lasts for about 15 SATISFYING seconds, within which you will destroy countless foes.

  • Cooperating= More $ and OK points
  • Overkill= More $$ and Weapons

“It all feeds back into an ecosystem that gives players a reason to work together, as well as the incentive (and ability) to regularly upgrade weapons.” -GameInformer writer Jeff Cork

Gunplay- Players will be able to upgrade weapons with money they earned to fit their style of play. You can add various attachments and adjust the level of accuracy and recoil. Alpha and Bravo will also carry blades for brutal melee kills.

Heavies- They are no longer bound by specific categories such as Shotgun Heavy, Flamethrower Heavy, Chaingun Heavy, etc. Heavies will now have a variety of weapons and AI styles. Some of them will even be downright sneaky!

Big Story Moments/Cutscenes- In TDC, developers want all the intense scenes to be playable. “If you have a big story moment, I don’t mind a cutscene; that’s cool. But it’s got to be playable. It’s a Visceral game. It’s the same thing for Dead Space. If it’s cool it’s got to be playable. Otherwise, what are we doing? Are we making a movie or are we making a video game?” -Visceral Montreal producer Zach Mumbach

  • IN OR OUT?

The new installment may have people wondering what features will still be included, and which we can say R.I.P to. Here’s a list of a few of them:

GPS- Previously used to navigate on the field and tag surrounding enemies, this feature will be IN. Although it doesn’t mean more HUD or bells and whistles. “We’re taking it in a new direction that we feel is going to tie into tactical co-op really well.” -Executive producer Julian Beak

Customization- Of course, this will be IN and better than before. Weapons will have options for different attachments such as larger magazines, new scopes, and gold-plated finishes. It’s been hinted that players will even be able to customize more than just Alpha and Bravo’s masks! 😉

High-Five Moments- These are OUT, and will no longer be a part of the Army franchise. Developers want players to communicate more through talking to your buddy on the couch, or through headsets online.

Shared Shields- Salem and Rios shared a lot in past games, including shields. One player would navigate, while the other provided backup. Both players were safe behind the mobile cover, and the feature is back IN. Although, for Alpha and Bravo it will now be easier to maneuver, with the back-up provider able to enter and exit cover like it were any other safe zone. This makes it easy to split up when the shield is no longer helpful.


This game is meant for co-op play, but players can also choose to game solo with and AI bot. The AI will now be easier to control, with less commands. Only needing to tell him when to follow or advance will be enough because the AI will be able to pick up on what’s going on in the battlefield. For example, if you’re getting pinned down by the cartel your AI will notice and flank them while they are unaware. Also, don’t worry about being upstaged by your robot partner, he’ll be tactically useful without fully taking over. For missions where you two split up you’ll have the option of choosing which position you want to take over, like being the one in the helicopter versus the one handling things on the ground.


Sorry guys, there is none. Like it’s California counterpart, Dead Space 3, developers want this game to focus on a strong campaign with competition between two co-op players. I don’t think adding a multiplayer ever hurt anyone but hey, I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles! 😦

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel is set to release in March of 2013, buy it or DIE! Just kidding, I’ll be sure to review it after my boyfriend and I give it a whirl. 🙂

“You see games where you get to the second or third game and they make little jumps, but  I think that with this third game we’re going to be making a great leap.” -Zach Mumbach (founding member of Visceral and veteran of the Dead Space franchise)


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